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Home > Products > Align (Featured Brand) > HELI PARTS > T-REX 700 NITRO PARTS > HN7114 700 New Designed Main Rotor Head Assembly
HN7114 700 New Designed Main Rotor Head Assembly

HN7114 700 New Designed Main Rotor Head Assembly

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SKU: HN7114
Weight: 2 kg, 0 grams
Stock: Stock available

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Appearance:(Metal Main Rotor Holder)
Appearance:(Metal Head Stopper)
Appearance:(Metal Main Rotor Housing)
Appearance:(Flybar seesaw holder set)
Appearance:(Metal SF Mixing Arm)

●6061-T6 Aluminum alloy material and CNC processed。
●This newly designed 700 class head assembly upgrade was introduced to fulfill the needs of helicopter modification enthusiasts. With multiple linkage mounting holes, this head is capable of 3 sets of positive and negative deltas, numerous Bell & Hiller mixing ratios, along with various Flybar Effectiveness.
●F3C and beginner pilots will benefit from the head’s higher control resolution as well as stability level, satisfying the need of both highly stable static categories as well as precision aerobatic categories.
●For 3D pilots who prefer the explosive agility characteristics, the new head allows for increased collective and cyclic response. Fast tic-toc and other demanding maneuvers can be tackled easily.
●In addition to the high adjustability, the rigidity of this head is also improved, with specially treated exterior resulting in extraordinary presentation. This head would definitely satisfy enthusiasts seeking the latest cutting edge equipment. 
●Suitable for T-REX 700E / 700N / 700F3C

●700 New Designed Main Rotor Head Assembly x 1
●MF95ZZ Bearings(ψ5xψ9x2.4mm) x 2
●700N Feathering shaft sleeve(ψ10.2xψ17x21mm) x 2
●700 Damper rubber-紅(ψ9.9xψ17x7mm) x 2
●700 Damper rubber(ψ9.9xψ17x7mm) x 2
●Socket screw(M4x24mm) x 1
●Socket screw(M4x8mm) x 2
●Metal main rotor holder(72x54x18mm) x 2
●6800ZZ Bearing(ψ10xψ19x5mm) x 4
●700 Main Blade Grip Arm x 2
●683ZZ Bearing(ψ3xψ7x3mm) x 4
●Collar(ψ3xψ4.8x1.5mm) x 2
●Washer(ψ3xψ4.8x0.3mm) x 4
●Thrust bearing F10-18M x 2
●700N Spindle bearing spacer(ψ10xψ16x1mm) x 4
●700N Linkage ball C(M3x3.5) x 4
●Socket screw(M3x6mm) x 4
●Socket screw(M3x12mm) x 2
●Socket screw(M5x32mm) x 2
●700N Flybar control rod(ψ5xψ4.5x71mm) x 2
●M4 Set screw(M4x4mm) x 2
●700 Metal flybar control arm(中心54x17.5x9mm) x 2
●Socket screw(M3×6mm) x 4
●700N Feathering shaft(φ7xφ10x106.50mm) x 1
●700N Collar screw(M6x16mm) x 2
●700 Flybar seesaw holder(69x11.3x11mm) x 1
●M3 Collar screw(M3x9.3mm) x 2
●MR104ZZ Bearing(ψ4xψ10x4mm) x 2
●Linkage ball A(M3x3) x 2
●Linkage rod A(ψ1.96x14mm) x 2
●700N Linkage rod B(ψ1.96x22mm) x 2
●700 Linkage ball D(ψ2.5x84.5mm) x 2
●700 Metal flybar control arm(59x7.5mm) x 2
●Washer(ψ3xψ4.8x0.3mm) x 4
●683ZZ Bearing(ψ3xψ7x3mm) x 4
●Collar(ψ3xψ4.8x1.5mm) x 2
●700N Radius Linkage ball x 2
●FMR52ZZ Bearings(ψ2xψ5x2.3mm) x 4
●Socket screw(M2x5mm) x 4
●Socket screw(M3x12mm) x 2
●700N Linkage rod B(M3x4) x 2