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Home > Products > Align (Featured Brand) > RC ARTICLES > HOC50002 T-REX 500 Carry Bag/Orange
HOC50002 T-REX 500 Carry Bag/Orange

HOC50002 T-REX 500 Carry Bag/Orange

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SKU: HOC50002
Weight: 3 kg, 500 grams
Stock: Stock available

Brand: ALIGN
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Diagram: complete diagram (remote control helicopter, remote control helicopter storage pouch, battery pouch, tool bag Optional)
Function Description: Specifications:
● Suitable for T-REX 500. 
● designed for T-REX 500 tailor-made special bag, using advanced waterproof canvas, the internal mezzanine coated shock absorption, crash foam, plus thickened underlying to provide helicopter excellent protection. 
Remote control pouch, in line with the use of the remote control, intimate Velcro design, can be fixed in the bag. 
● Battery storage bag, multiple battery can accommodate both intimate devil stick design, can be fixed in the bag. 
● tool bag, suitable for the reception of all kinds of flight supplies and tools, neat appearance, access to convenient.Instructions for use: 1. helicopter main rotor Collapse fixed on the main rotor holder. . Flybarless models, loosen the screws of the Flybar rod the flybar rod to the rear fuselage push in the end, and then a little lock fixed, and placed above the main rotor. By helicopter head first into the bag, adjusted to the appropriate location, then the remote control pouch and battery storage bag stickers stuck in a fixed position inside the bag, and finally into the tool bag, pull up the zipper can. Note:accommodating operation, make sure that is off the helicopter and remote control power, to avoid the unexpected accident caused due to negligence.


● 500 dedicated bag x 1 (94x24x33cm) Optional: ● remote control pouch x 1 (23x10x27cm) ● Battery storage bag x 1 27x6x21cm● tool bag x 1 (22x6x10cm)